TNXL Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to help underprivileged athletes achieve their collegiate and professional goals both on and off the baseball field. Our mission is to implement a constructive and competitive environment for our athletes to better their opportunities for success past their sport. Athletes that receive financial support through the foundation must meet the highest academic and athletic criteria. 

We provide athletes from all over the world access to opportunities, equipment, training and exposure to excel athletically and academically beyond their high school careers that they would not have had otherwise by participating in TNXL Academy’s program. 

We strongly believe that sports have the power to change lives — help enable us to make an impact today. 

why the TNXL Sports Foundation?

Brian Martinez is the Owner and Founder of TNXL Academy which is a high school baseball alternative for the player looking to be prepared for the next level. This all started with the hope that development would be the main focus of the every day player and not the outcome of a championship. By being prepared and staying consistent with a regiment Brian MartinezMike Mercadante and Eddy Rodriguez provide a well balanced dose of baseball specific training for the elite level baseball player. TNXL is in its fifth year and has gone from 14 players to 50 of the hardest working individuals out there. Our vision is to continue to excel in the everyday mental and physical aspects of the game to better ready these boys for what is to come.

Brian started the  TNXL Sports Foundation with the goal to provide access to those who are not in a financial situation or location to have the chance that otherwise would not be afforded to them. Players from all over the world face obstacles to gain training and exposure to continue to play the game and lack the resources to overcome those. By donating to the TNXL Sports Foundation you will be providing support that is desperately needed to award those athletes that meet strict academic, character and athletic qualities that are required to be a part of TNXL Academy

Life isn’t about baseball, but we believe we can help these young athletes learn valuable life lessons through baseball that will have a positive impact on them for the rest of their lives. We all have had someone help us at one point or another in our lives and we are looking to pay that generosity forward by helping those that given the chance will achieve their dreams and there is nothing better in life than helping another. Our candle burns brightest when lighting another’s candle, will you help our fire burn brighter?

“Our goal is to make sure our players are prepared to succeed in life and not only on the baseball field. Baseball is a game of failure. The more our players learn from the simple mistakes, the better off they will grow as young men.”

Brian Martinez – Founder

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